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Saturday, November 26, 2011

AccelTetris - Windows Phone Games - Paid Version

There are no buttons to control falling tetrominoes. Just tilt the phone and use gestures to fully control everything what happens on the screen. This is AccelTetris.

AccelTetris is different than other tetromino games. Blocks fall smoothly, their movement is continuous, instead of jumping on cells. It provides a smoother and more natural experience. The graphics of AccelTetris was inspired by Metro style, but also has its own flavor that give it a unique charm. The essence of the visual experience is crumbling blocks of filled lines.

AccelTetris has many personalization options including :
  • 6 different block textures
  • 4 backgrounds
  • Ability to use your accent color
The gameplay provides :
  • 7 starting speeds
  • Speeding up
Supported Devices :
  • Windows Phone

Source : WMPowerUser

AccelTetris is $0.99 with a free trial. Have fun!

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