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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Climate Mission 3D (Available for free at Ovi Store)

I filmed a demo of this the other day but never put the video up as @camb078 already had one done. Unfortunately I also never got around to posting about the actual app itself, which for what it is, is actually pretty good.

It’s called Climate Mission 3D. You have a 3D globe that you can pan around, and around the locations on the globe you have something eco-related, whether it be some information or mini games. The mini games are actually quite beautiful, the graphics are really good, though the game play is possibly challenging only to a 2 year old. Nevertheless it’s fun. Each game you complete gets you some voting ballots and possibly some more game locations.

Get it free from Ovi Store. If it hangs during installation, just cancel and redownload. If you have Qt problems, uninstall smart installer.

Supported Devices :
  • Symbian^3


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