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Some applications in this blog are powered by Qt. So, to make the applications works in your phone, you have to install Qt file first, otherwise the Qt apps will not work on your phone.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nokia Drop V 1.1.1

Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content to your device. With it you can:
  • Change your phone's wallpaper
  • Send image to your phone (Note: images are send as a link and will be downloaded to mobile via Nokia Drop application)
  • Send URL to your favourite phone browser (ie. Nokia Browser or Opera Mobile)
  • Send map view or send selected location from
  • Send feeds to Nokia Reader or to native browser web feed

Changelog Nokia Drop v 1.1.1 :
  • New features for mobile client
  • Respects your choice of browser used for opening urls
  • Speaks your language (localization)
  • Uses kinetic scrolling capabilities
New support:
Adds add-on support for Firefox 5.0
Bug fixes:
Fixes problem with opening Place with latest Maps application
Supported Devices :
  • Symbian S60 5th Edition
  • Symbian^3


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