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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Youlu Address Book v1.22.1 S^3 S60v5 [S60v5th & Symbian^3]

Powerful application for manage contacts, calls and messages. The program combines many functions and can replace several standard applications such as Contacts, Messages and Log. Features of the app includes high work speed, full integration with standard applications, data backup, call recording, vibration signal for dialing and more. Besides using the Address Book, you can always sync your data and settings with developer’s server. Application has a beautiful user friendly interface.

Key features:
  • Own address book with the ability to edit.
  • Creating and editing contacts, groups.
  • Working with messages in the conversations form (SMS-chat).
  • Quick search by name & number.
  • Individual call and messages log for each contact.
  • Ability to record calls.
  • Support for hot keys.
  • Vibration signal when dialing up to the called contact.
  • Quick access to your address book from standby mode (Smart Dialing).
  • Create a backup of messages.
  • Synchronize your contacts and calendar with the server.
  • Autostart
Change Log:
  • Optimized online status of Youlu Messenger.
  • Optimized message loading speed and memory usage.
  • Added a badge to identify the owner of group chat.
  • Support to input name before exchange phone numbers.
  • Optimized file transfer mechanism.
  • Solved the bug that made the app unable to launch.
  • Support for adding additional shortcuts like

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