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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Angry Birds Final 1.1 JAVA S60V5

Angry Birds v1.1 Java S60v5 S^3 360x640 Angry Birds 1.1 Java S60v5 S^3 360x640
The famous game Angry Birds which you have heard, seen or even played on a PC is now available for Symbian 9.4! This is not the official version of the game for Symbian Os 9.4 and altered modes of play Monty Pythons Cow Tossing! The game is very similar to the original, so download and watch! Enjoy the game!
- Removed a cow =)
- Added a flag
- Removed the magician
- Changed menu
- Added the copyrights of the game engine
- Removed from the shoals of backing (if you have not seen, no longer see it)
- The readability of the menu is better
- Changed = 1 level)))
- Replace all the sounds from the original
- Changed the effect of shock and sound
- Now the game is a black / red bird
- There were spike
- Replace the icon for the phone, without sensor
- Egg in the white birds are not bulging)

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tech said...

nice one. any version for symbian belle?

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