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Friday, October 15, 2010

FreeiSMS v1.08

nih aplikasi yang keren.. buat sms kayak iphone gan.. bsa diganti background aplikasinya.. trus jga ada penambahan fitur baru..
Features: 1- Fast initial message sync (10 messages/sec) 2- Green button sends messages!!! 3- Kinetic scrolling isn’t too laggy (similar performance to v1.02, maybe even better) 4-There’s a scroll bar on the side that gets you where you need to go. This is very useful. 5-Beautiful popup when you receive a text (see picture) 6-Some pretty nice skin options 5 included skins (don’t know if others are available) 7-Customizable colors 8-Customizable background image 9-You can search your texts (very fast) 10-More messaging options than 1.02/3 -Reply -Delete -Mark as read -Forward -Handle objects (i.e. copy text) 11-Does not handle MMS. Instead, it’ll (very intelligently) 12-open the MMS in the standard Nokia viewer we all know and love. It’ll be included in your threaded texts if you look for it, but it will just be the words not the multimedia content.

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